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Perpetual motion device

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A "Perpetual Motion Machine" is device where we can get useful energy from random energy, or from no energy at all.


No one has found anything like this. Many have tried; just as many have failed.


I've spent more than than a few hour watching YouTube videos about perpetual motion machines hoping for the long shot, to see something I shouldn't see.

I've watched videos of the uninformed, the hopeful, magnet fanatics, frauds and magicians, and grades in between.






Some think the laws of thermodynamics are God incarnate; but they are no more than a human construct, as is all of physics.

Physics is not discovered, it's invented.


If there are better laws of thermodynamics than available in your undergrad text, they will obtain from decoherence theory, in my view. This concerns the quantum mechanical nature of things. And just maybe, there will be a loop-hole.


Or just maybe, relativity theory will supply it; global energy is not well defined. But it won't come from playing with magnets, or hydrogen generators that I can see. (On this planet hydrogen is an energy storage media, not an energy source. And this goes for the parasites who look for deuterium and tritium fusion at our expense.)




How much oil does a foundry take to purify your "eco-friendly" solar cells? How much coal for the battery pack on a Prius? How much spin-up cost does wind power generation cost? But who cares as long as your friends think of you as superior in your Earth-first rightousness?


Does it take more oil to make a solar cell than it returns? Who cares as long as it make you feel better to be known among peers as an Earth-friendly individual.


Would be had, in general, some simple understanding of economics, engineering, a little physics, and human nature, the advocates of solar electric energy, wind energy, alt-energy, alt-alt-energy, fusion power and electric cars would find some hostile ground.


It is with no little frustration, I find most cannot fathom a little of all four.


As an electrical design engineer with reputation, I will be happy to help with projects involving cheap, nonsensical, or free energy devices at reasonable market prices.

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