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can neutral Kaons decay by double-W boson emission ?


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sometimes neutral Kaons decay into three pions...


does that imply, that the strange quark in the neutral Kaon, can occasionally decay, by emitting, not one, but two W bosons (which each then decay into separate pions) ?


that is,


[math]K^0 \rightarrow \pi^0 + W + W[/math]

[math] \rightarrow \pi^0 + \pi + \pi[/math]


? (All meson decays seem to proceed through the Weak force, e.g. link)





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so, that site states, that W-bosons are only involved, in Fermion generation-changing decays...


if some Fermion (Hadron or Lepton) changes generation, then-and-only-then was the Weak-force, with its WF bosons, involved...



tangentially-related questions of a similar sort:


1) can photons generate quarks ??


2) can gluons generate leptons ??



[math]D^+ \longrightarrow K^- + \pi^+ + \pi^+[/math]


the c-quark must decay into an s-quark (emitting a positive W which decays into one of the positive pions)...

so accounting for the resulting negative Kaon (and the above positive pion)...

but the other positive pion cannot conceivably come from another positive W, since no quark exists to have emitted the same...


so hypothetical "double W" emissions seem incompatible, with some known reactions; and unnecessary to assume, for any reaction (if gluons can be attributed the other new particles produced)




[math]e^+ + e^- \longrightarrow \tilde{g}\tilde{g}\tilde{g}[/math]


can occur... ipso facto, the reverse process is presumably possible, i.e. triple gluon fusion into charged lepton antilepton particle pairs

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perhaps important, is the fact that the eigenstates of the Weak interaction, are not the eigenstates of mass (or other Force interactions?).


So, quarks emitted from gluons, would not be the same quark-states, emitted from W bosons (which would be "mixed" states, according to the appropriate mixing matrices, e.g. CKM)

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