What makes buildings bird friendly?

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Do you have any bird friendly buildings around you? What makes them bird friendly?


When birds strike windows at great speeds, it’s not because they want to get inside, or are somehow crazy, poisoned or out of their minds on toxic chemicals, but rather its because they see a reflection of an open sky.


Most tall buildings in North America have highly reflective windows that trick birds’ vision, and what these creature’ brains perceive as the open sky, is instead a 3/4 inch thick wall of glass. Dead birds liter the sidewalks in big cities. Residential sunrooms and conservatories are equally deadly.


Ornilux is ornithologically superior glass which birds perceive as shifting thick spiderwebs and something to be avoided. The Arnold Glass co innovation comes at the end of along line of advances in stain glass windows glass making technology, but this breakthrough alone is not enough - the architects and engineers have got to want to make change. They have to want to seek out special glass that's expensive and hard to find.


The bird friendly building trend has other elements like decoys and disruptive lighting and audio discouraging elements. What do you do ?


City of Toronto has published these guidelines as pdf

What are some known bird friendly buildings in your area? what makes them so special? What else can we do to raise awareness to help prevent bird strikes?


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That web-like glass is a very selfless idea.

The thing with birds though is, they only live a few years, thus their natural selection goes quite fast.

Some birds will not kill themselves on see-through glass for various reasons.

Before you get a whole city to use this new glass in all buildings, the birds will already have adapted.

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