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  1. What makes beetroot juice a deicer? I read in Fuel Ghoul blog post below that the juice from red beets is being added to rock salt to make a superior pavement deicer, I'm curious if betanin is the active ingredient? Or is it something else? Betanin is a food colouring agent.
  2. Do you have any bird friendly buildings around you? What makes them bird friendly? When birds strike windows at great speeds, it’s not because they want to get inside, or are somehow crazy, poisoned or out of their minds on toxic chemicals, but rather its because they see a reflection of an open sky. Most tall buildings in North America have highly reflective windows that trick birds’ vision, and what these creature’ brains perceive as the open sky, is instead a 3/4 inch thick wall of glass. Dead birds liter the sidewalks in big cities. Residential sunrooms and conservatories are equally deadly. Ornilux is ornithologically superior glass which birds perceive as shifting thick spiderwebs and something to be avoided. The Arnold Glass co innovation comes at the end of along line of advances in stain glass windows glass making technology, but this breakthrough alone is not enough - the architects and engineers have got to want to make change. They have to want to seek out special glass that's expensive and hard to find. The bird friendly building trend has other elements like decoys and disruptive lighting and audio discouraging elements. What do you do ? City of Toronto has published these guidelines as pdf What are some known bird friendly buildings in your area? what makes them so special? What else can we do to raise awareness to help prevent bird strikes? links removed
  3. At work my friends sometimes gamble on this harness race web game. The game is simple - the odds are posted and the horses run (but the favourites seldom win). The game is single player so we use the odds to determine the payouts and play 'to win' bets - each of us picks a horse. Some must bet more than others depending on how their horse is listed. A long shot is a low bet that could win everything... get it? One of my buddies is now winning all the time. Esp after we play a few times - he has a system and at first it was a joke but now we are all curious as to how he has managed to figure out this simple racing game. Some kind of a probability equation?
  4. Is this possible. If anyone here can genetically mutate a carrot and a tobacco plant - oh boy this would be the ultimate - all natural smoking cessation resource!
  5. I am really concerned that energy crises will spark another world war with china. I really see a bleak future for mankind with our current dependence on oil... We need fusion power. Will it happen effectively in the next 20 years?
  6. Okay So as I understand it,the number three reason to settle the moon (industry and tourism are #1 and #2) is the recovery of Helium 3 by settlers with funky combines out there on the sea of tranquility harvesting the lunar soil for the precious helium isotope - this is a product of the Sun's fusion reaction that is not found on earth as it too easily blends into our atmosphere - but on the moon it becomes trapped in the lunar regolith of the moon dust which is a meter thick in places. This rare and valuable element isotope is the proposed main ingredient in fusion energy, yet there is very little on Earth. Question - how far along are scientists with fusion reaction? Which scientists exactly? and the demand for Helium 3 and who is producing H3 now, and how are they doing it? I was told that one space shuttle load of H3 could power the continental US for five years... is this true? Also, what bi- product elements are created in a Fusion reaction? Does this work like a conventional power plant - heat water - make steam - turbines etc or could fusion power be harnessed in a revolutionary new way?