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Talking with the dead


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Has anyone ever heard of "cold-reading" techniques employed by "psychics" to "help" people (my quotation mark liscence is being revoked) talk to their dead relatives? It's a laughably simple way of making the victim of your hoax seem you are a genuine psychic. Through a series of rapid fire random guesses, shotgunning stuff like names and initials and using the victim's body language you can make it seem as though you really are (to the bereaved or gullible anyway) talking to and getting info from their dead loved one. It sickens me that people are still actually duped by these "sleight of mouth" tricks. It especially annoys me when it is someone I know going on about how amazing that charlatan John Edward's show was last night. Here's alink for the curious http://skepdic.com/coldread.html.

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