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Possibility of not having a singularity?


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Thanks 2112 and split infinity, your explanition is based on something I didn't know. "gravity increases the closer you get to it's center." is all about relativity. Am I getting what you said? ... Gravity is after all, a force, so gravity doesn't increase, just the force it exerts on matter relative to both objects distance from their centers of their masses. It fits, the extreme smallness of the singularity allowes gravity to exert it's force almost totatlly. So I come away with the question: "Does gravity have limit to the force it exerts?" Could there be a situation when it can be turned up to eleven?__from SpinalTap the movie

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and the basic insights to one of my trouble with Black Holes.

"I Want To Believe"

MikeL aka siderman


I don't believe you are quite getting it.


Contrary to what most people have been taught...as well as certain terminology that labels Gravity as the Weak Force...Gravity is not actually a Force at all. Gravity is Space/Time Geometry or an Expression of One Dimensionality.


A Force is specific to Quantum Field Interaction. Thus we have Magnetic and Electromagnetic Force...as Electron Orbital Field Interaction either Attracts or Repels specific Matter and Energy. Then there is Kinetic Force...as the Electron Orbital Fields repel each other as two objects come into contact. Then there is an entire host of Chemical Reaction propulsion and again...Electron Orbital Fields are involved as this is a Kinetic Energy Transfer.


Everything we know that places Matter in motion is a Force EXCEPT Gravity. Gravitational Effect requires ZERO interaction of Quantum Fields. Thus GRAVITY is an EFFECT. The Effect of Gravity and how great the Warping of Space/Time which caused Matter to attract to other Matter....is dependent upon the Quantity of Mass present. So the greater the Mass...the Greater the Gravitational Effect...thus the Greater the Warping of Space/Time...and the Greater the Expression of One Dimensionality.


As far as Black Holes are concerned...since they create a Singularity which is One Dimensionality and this causes a rift within our Universal Space/Time Geometry....conventional explainations for what is occuring are not only difficult but so far impossible.


The nearer to ANY Gravity Well...the Greater the Effect of Gravity. The Greater the amount of Mass...the Greater the Gravitational effect as well.


Split Infinity

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