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The problem with the "necessary" God

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That problem would be science. Science paints us an entirely God-free picture. Nowhere in the equations that describe how the universe is there a place for God. So, it is possible that God doesn't exist. That, while it may not seem like much, is a death blow to any necessary god.


1) g⊃□g

2) ⋄~g

3) Therefore, by Modus Tollens, ~g.


This works because ⋄p is defined as ~□~p. So, when we have ⋄~g, we can rewrite it as ~□~~g and then use double negation to get ~□g. Now the Modus Tollens should be fairly obvious.


If your god's existence is necessary, then the current state of science says your god doesn't exist.

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Would not your logic require that the picture painted by the equations be a complete one?


I have not seen the equation for a peanut butter cup, and I require their existence in my universe.


A universe without peanut butter cups, might completely collapse and blink out of existence. Since the equations of science make no mention of peanut butter cups, the equations do not paint the whole picture.


Regards, TAR

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