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Shouldn't the Universe be slowing down in expansion?


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(bolded mine)

No. The rate is the same (.000001 parsecs per year).


and WE are expanding from them, not them from us.

Expansion would be a relative condition, we from them, them from us etc., if it were real, my friend :) But I understand your point based upon a Big Bang scenario.


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This is a constant rate expansion case.

v=(C tcurrent )(1/t) -C

t<--1billion year, v calculation. Obtained value is speed b


So near first 1 billion away Super cluster moving speed is


2billion away Super cluster moving speed


4billion away Super cluster moving speed


8billion away Super cluster moving speed


16 billion away Super cluster moving speed



In this model we can not see Superclusters before 6billion years ago.

Any my calculation mistake?

For some hidden mistake, I can not prove acceleration expansion is right.



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v=(2C tcurrent -2Linitial)(1/t) -2C

Can we know the speed of a supernova 1billion light years away from the Earth?

(distance to 1billion away supernova)at the present /( distance to 1billion away supernova)right after Inflation <?

What is a mistake to solve this problem?

I could not reach the right answer.

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Anyone else notice how Mohika has only posted once on this thread, I wonder why that is...


... I can't speak for Mohika but personally I get quite irritated that when someone asks a simple question the answers posted are not always in the same vein, rather some people just try to dump every concept, long word, graph, equation etc... etc... they can think of in an attempt to show off that they know more than the next person essentially avoiding the original question all together. Why not try and converse with the OP and draw out what they do and don't know and provide an answer in a way that might educate instead of irritate.


Rant over.


I have asked the same question as Mohika; if we are seeing objects in the past all we can say is what they were doing.



What would we see if the universe suddenly stopped expanding and started contracting? Let's say the most distant objects start contracting first.


We would still see an expanding Universe, we would have to wait for billions of years for the light from the now contracting galaxies to reach us. As far as I know no single object has been measured at different times and has been seen to accelerate.


Why is it not true that an object we see that's 10bn LY's away is how it was 10bn years ago and therefore all we can say is 10bn years ago it was receding at speed x

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