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less than nothing!!??


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Hah, thats what brought me to this forum, a rather lively drunken discussion about the creation of everything.


Oh, what i was on about before with the gravity....


Maybe that is one of the ways to separate energy from -energy, where energy is being drawn from thin.. vacuum, and negative energy is created in its wake as it is drawn towards the source of gravity...There a new source of the universe theory: a small curve in spacetime created by some unknown source.. The source makes this curve in spacetime, and energy is drawn from a complete vacuum, creating negative energy nearby. The energy created has gravity because... its energy. The energy then makes more energy from the vacuum making more -energy as well. So the universe has a surplus of negative energy, in a massive sphere ( or whatever ) around the +energy universe.


Its crazy, but I plan on being one of the great minds of our time, and it seems insanity is a prerequisite.

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