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Assistance Required- Tesla Coil

Guest twokie

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I built my tesla coil, everything assembled to specs which are acceptable by tesla map. Now, I have a lead going from the capacitor to one side of the spark gap, and then to the end of the primary coil. The other lead goes from the cap. to the other side of the sparkgap and then to the beginning of the primary. If i remove the one giong to the beginning of the primary it will throw a spark across the gap. If I have it hooked up, I get nothing. I'm not sure what the issue is.... :confused:

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me and a few friends of mine decieded that we would make a telsa coil. It took us about a month on and off in our lunch breaks. It took us a liitle while after we finished it to get it working. We had a faulty transformer that kept shorting out. But we never had any troubles with what you have. all that i can say is to make sure that your connections are clean



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