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  1. to find the place where i live you will need a really detailed map. It is a place called KYOGLE that is in north east NSW near Byron Bay. To answer you question about the school, i go to the local state school - Kyogle High Jamesy
  2. all of my resources are from the work that i do in class and the notes that the teachers give me. All of the files are passwordf protected but they have a read-only feature. Use that to view them. Anyway I'm quite happy using geocites as my host and i don't have broadband only dial-up cos i live in rural NSW. Anyway if there are any problems that you find with the site please let me know. Jamesy
  3. Nope. I'm just doing the HSC this year. I do 3 unit maths, advanced english, business studies, biology, physics and chem. All in all 13 units!!! A lot of work. As the the cource that you are talking about, I've never heard of it before. what did you think if the site. remember that i do the HSC this year Jamesy
  4. Hey everyone I'm currently doing my HSC and i run a website with all of my work (i.e. practicals, syllabus dot pionts and assessment tasks on it). But remember that I'm doing my HSC this year so not all of the imformation will be there. The address for my site is www.geocities.com/jamesyscience Also if you have any questions about the HSC or Preliminary HSC, feel free to contact me at jamesy_1988@hotmail.com feedback on the website and the information would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jamesy
  5. me and a few friends of mine decieded that we would make a telsa coil. It took us about a month on and off in our lunch breaks. It took us a liitle while after we finished it to get it working. We had a faulty transformer that kept shorting out. But we never had any troubles with what you have. all that i can say is to make sure that your connections are clean Jamesy
  6. have a look at my website at http://www.geocities.com/jamesyscience and then navigate your way to the production of materials syllabus notes page in the chemistry section. It will be either be the first or second one down the list. Jamesy P.S. it probably won't be there until mid january
  7. have never heard of it but let us know how it turns out because it sounds really cool. And i could use one of them in my box of trix. as for info try google.com Jamesy
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