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It's been pointed out that we have a bit of a conundrum regarding recurring topics: many people hate thread necromancy, but also repeating themselves in topics that keep cropping up. So here's a chance to post your favorite links and also (especially) discussions here on SFN on recurring topics. These can be debunking zombie arguments (the ones that won't die) such as creationism/evidence for evolution, perpetual motion, WTC, zero-energy, climate change, relativity, or simply topics that continue to crop up, like quantum entanglement/teleportation.


Please be as specific as you can describing the link you provide, because there will be a lot more copy/paste going on than serious editing. This will (eventually) go in a new sorted/organized post that we sticky somewhere, so one can browse without having to go through the disjointed thread this will probably become.


Credit where it's due: mooeypoo suggested this; I'm just following through on it.

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