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What would the world look like after a near-extinction event?

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This is a topic, obviously, about a theoretical event that casues the near-extinction of humanity. Lets say for example an asteroid or super-volcano kills eighty percent of the human population. Now there is no shortage of literature and movies delving into the onset or immediate aftermath of such an event. My questions are these however:



Lets say a thousand years have passed since the event, and the human population has begun to rebuild. In theory this should be long enough for whatever enviroment effects to have subsided.


What types of culture would likely exist?


What kind of remnants of our world would remain?


What is the likely hood that technological know how has been passed on to the remaining people? what level of develpment would there be?




I think its fun to just imagine what may happen and how humanity might evolve through such a disaster :)

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I would imagine that several power blocs would have risen from the ashes of survivors; while in the initial years after the disaster there would be scattered communities of survivors but given time they would have created mutual trade relationships and in 1000 years would have formed what one may call a Kingdom.


Taking into account this disaster was worldwide I don't think it unreasonable for there to be only one of these kingdoms and i'd also suggest that some of the kingdoms would have access to some of the "ancient" technology that survived while others did not. Thus creating a 3rd world divide so to speak and that these first world kingdoms would be rather defensive of their superior yet limited technology.


While some philanthropists and sympathisers would lobby to share their technology and help out the have-nots there'd be some militaristic nay sayers arguing that resources are limited and they cannot afford to support such numbers of third world territories and possibly getting to the point of incursions into them for resource gain.


I predict a scenario as you describe would have deteriorated into what boils down to a more technological version of the middle ages but with a much larger difference in technological development between populations.

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