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Floating Candle Lantern

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So I'm sure most people here know what a Chinese lantern is...


I'm wondering if I could get a little parachute to float in the air with just a small, average candle below it. I don't know if the parachute would have to be a certain material, or if just like a cheap plastic would work like those old army men toys used to have.


This is a photo of a little metal statue, but it's kinda how I envisioned it (minus the little guy hanging from the bottom).




Basically I picture it like one of these army parachute toys, but instead of an army guy there would be a candle there. Would that float?

Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it!



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I think that the problem you'll run into is that you won't have enough volume of hot air inside the parachute. Sky lanterns tend to be larger. If you get a liter of air hot enough to drop the density in half, that's still less than a gram's worth of lift.

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