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Silicon dioxide


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Both. Glass can formed from silicon dioxide. In this case it's chemical formula will be silicon dioxide. The word glass doesn't refer to a specific chemical, it refers to the material properties of a substance. You can have soda glass, pyrex, crystal glass, and others that aren't even based on silicon. These have different chemical compositions but are all glasses.

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[MATH]SiF_4[/MATH] is the corrosion product itself. Once it has been formed, your glass has already melted away. It does not form a protective layer like aluminium oxide would over aluminium, and will not prevent further corrosion.

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Its a very interesting compound. One of the few in which the elements belong to the same group of the periodic table (These sort ofcompounds are always interesting -- inter halogen compounds par exemple) . SiC has both structural and physical similarities to diamonds. Its crystal structure is 3-d with both Si and C involved in a complex 3-d matrice, like diamond. It is used extensively in making tools because of its hardness. It has interesting properties also becaues of its part organic nature - which is why it dissolves in organic reagents like carbon tetra chloride.

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