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Binuclear power generator


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Fusion power has always been deemed impossible, or at least difficult, because it is very hard to keep the reaction self sustaining. However, I have figured out a way which I THINK might work.


Inside of a fusion reactor, have a uranium pellet with fusion fuel inside. As fission occurs, the pressure and temperature inside of the core will be enormous. This will result in fusion, releasing a neutron to further bolster the fission reaction. This will raise the temperature of the entire core with less fuel, thus becoming a more efficient method of power generation. What do you think?

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That won't work. for the fission to supply enough temperature for fusion to start it essentially needs to be a bomb.


However, there are more viable hybrid designs out there. What you do is you take all your fission waste products(or even U-238) melt them and pump the resulting fluid through a jacket on the fusion reactor wall. The excess neutrons from the fusion will fission the heavy elements contained there releasing more heat which you can use to get more power and deal with the problem of long lasting nuclear waste.


Also, if you're interested in methods of sparking off a fusion reaction, you might want to look into the exotic methods of muon catalysed fusion and antimatter catalysed fusion.

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