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i need tutorials about HTML tags and programming language...

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I can't help you much because I suck in programming. do people still write html these days? There will be some articles in the www that teach html in simple tutorials. It is not difficult , but to write a webpage, it takes too much time. I've used before the webpage editor call Amaya which is free, there could be other better alternatives. I haven't use it for a long time.


As for programming languages, there are several.


When I was in school in 1991, I learnt C , C++, and simple one is BASIC, though I don't know if anyone is using BASIC now. and that was in 1991.


Anyone knows which programming language is the most current , or useful or which is the simplest to learn ?

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HTML isn't really programming, it's a markup language. The difference is that HTML (just like "BBCode" that's used in this forum) defines how things look, and not really anything code-related. Programming languages are more complicated, and use things like loops (Do.. while..) and conditions (If/else, etc).


If you want to learn HTML, you can start with w3schools, that are usually quite good for beginners: http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp


Look up "Learning HTML" in google, and you'll find lots.


If you want to start learning programming, the first step would be to learn the general principles (like what ARE conditions and loops, etc) and the second would be to identify what language you would like to learn, based mostly on what you would like to do with it later.


Good luck,



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