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PS3 freezing help!


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That's a rather generic problem. Anything that slowly corrupts data bits will cause this sort of problem. It could be a program that "leaks" memory, faulty components, overheating due to poor ventilation. About how long does it go before it freezes?

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Does it only happen with disc-based games? That would suggest a disc player problem. I had a bad player on my first one and had to get it repaired.


Does it only happen in a certain game? That would suggest a problem with that game.


Does it only happen while connected in an online game? That would suggest a problem with your Internet connection.


If none of the above, I agree with Mr Skeptic that it sounds like an overheating issue. The fan may be broken or clogged with dust (take a look at the vent). You may need to have it repaired or replaced.

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