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Guest Lukis Whayn

Mystical Big Bang




(2) There is no point in the universe that is not in motion. Because the principle of the mythical Big Bang would require an initial point of convergence for all material of the universe, this is not possible as that point would be in motion and it would be impossible for all matter of the universe to converge or ever reach a moving point. This in and of itself negates the idea of the Big Bang.


Problems with Mystical Big Bang.


Violates Law of Energy Conversion


Law of Energy Conversion States: That Matter and Energy are interchangeable but cannot be created or destroyed. In The Big Bang Matter and Energy are created from nothing this principle of creation violates this law.


Law of Kinetic Energy: Inside each object are atoms these atoms are constantly moving and do so forever until hit by an outside force. So it theoretically impossible for there be any point in which there is zero motion. In the Mystical Big Bang we can see this because it starts in a static motionless point where nothing exists. This is impossible because it violates the law of kinetic energy which states matter is in constant motion so the Big Bang is an illusion plain and simple.


Turbulent Galaxy Theory


Cosmic Inflation: Is due to the constant motion of matter in the Galaxies. It may seem that all the Galaxies are moving away from us at the same pace in space expansion, but in reality the galaxies are each a head of each other because each has a varying mass which makes them lighter and allows them to move faster. It has nothing to do with the mystical Big Bang it’s plain and simple thing we see from the observations of atoms. They are always moving which solves the principle of why Galaxies are moving away from us because the atoms in those Galaxies are moving in that direction. The reason why they all go in various directions maybe caused by past collisions. We know it is the nature of atoms that when hit by in coming matter they will bounce off each other. The same goes for the Galaxies but something disrupts this because of what scientist call Super Massive Black Holes. I don’t mean Galaxies bump like bouncing balls from each other in fact that’s not what happens. Galaxies converge from there Black Holes then varying on which galaxy had the most mass that Galaxy will change the mass, speed and velocity of the weaker swallowed galaxy changing it’s total direction. This wouldn’t mean that the Universe’s Space is expanding it would mean the Galaxies are changing each others velocity by collision and cosmic inflation is an illusion.

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As Hawking argues in a book with Penrose, the Nature of Space and time, he indeed emphasize the following point: Let me further explain something till i get to the point though. Big Bang = Our univere has/is emerging out of a Singularity. If so holds then there is not true, or atleast in this case, (acording to Hawking) that u with the laws in your example, Lukis, can rule out it's own existence. Since in a singularity the laws of our known world/space laes simply breakdown and become useles..


And what u describe in Law of Kinetic Energy. It's aplies to atoms.. in a singularity there is propably no such thing as atoms.. Photons at it's best.. And this we can direclty observe from COBE:s observations. Which today is the foundation for cosmology. But i wouldn't argue against your point that the Big Bang might just be an illusion.


And regarding the Law of Energy Conversion: this theory is quite old and i find it most unexatable to be used in a medium/space of which we know nothing about.. If now something indeed did emerge out of nothing.. then it might just have been so simple; so that there wasn't nothing in the first place! But here we catch ourselves even harder to check what nothing outside our something is all about.. Even worse than trying to show of strings, in which point i find myselve neutral.


Cosmic Infaltion i simple woun't comment.. still find this theory a little fuzzy..sd altough i bet those cosmologist have rather neat facts for there theories...

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I agree with the last part...There was no univese and no laws taht govern anything before the big bang...and we are talking about an infinately small point. The laws of classical physics and chemistry don't apply here.



A singularity is a point where space and time are infinately curved due to an infininite density. We don't know much about before the big bang...which is why we are working to find out how gravity works at a quantum level. I just want to know where this info about a singulatiry not moving comes from...and why is it that important?...and how do you know when no one else knows anything about the singularity before the big bang?


I still don't understand the atoms are moving so that explains why galaxies are moving...ect...explain this a bit better...


We say that the universe is expanding because the galaxies are generally moving away from eachother...and if you go back in time they come together and approach what we call the singularity. Remember we aren't just talking about matter expanding but space and time. Imagine a cup that starts at a single point at the bottom and as you move up toward the top of the cup it becomes larger in diameter...almost like a funnel...and this is space and time...not just "moving atoms".

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