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What if we could move the entire Earth like a spaceship?


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i didn't read the 3rd 4th and 5th pages of this thread but i'm surprised nobody thought about attempting to use a super dense Jupiter sided planet screaming past earth as some sort of theoretical launching mechanism yet.


Thank you for you last comments. But if you will go back and read the missing pages, you will find more on the Rogue. That would be a good starting point for further debate.



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You would mock an original story that 'could' potentially, hypothetically, SOMEDAY replace the 'Star Trek', and 'Star Wars' franchises?


Are you referencing Avatar?


Do you realize unobtainium has a long standing usage in science fiction long before Avatar?

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Are you referencing Avatar?


Do you realize unobtainium has a long standing usage in science fiction long before Avatar?


Lol. No. I did not. And I don't go to the movies, so I am also unfamiliar with the specifics of Avatar. I have no need or desire to rush out to see the latest. My living room is a small theatre ... 62 inch HD, and I prefer to wait until they are available on comcast.


Now if you don't mind, I am going to forget we just had this conversation.


( Since I am adamant about 'saving ALL humanity', I'm still trying to come up with a reasonable way to move Earth ... )

Merged post follows:

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Uh oh ...


So much for being proud of my 'original thought'. :o(


Just ran across a book by Stanley Schmidt "The Sins of The Fathers" circa 1976.


I haven't read it, but apparently it is set far in the future .... our galactic core is about to blow up, and somehow we get aliens to build giant rockets on the SOUTH POLE so we can move Earth to another GALAXY.


Yes, I can take some small comfort knowing that my PLOT was original ... rogue planet and all. Plus utilizing current technology, etc.


But I am very upset with myself for failing to find this book in 1998 when I wrote my short story. No, it would not have changed anything, but I might have been less enamored of myself ... lol.


Wish I'd had the internet then. Good grief. Anyway, needless to say, I have just spent several hours searching the internet ... trying to think of any and every imaginable way to describe my model of the universe. The only thing that came close was finding a reference in one of the science periodicals to 'space itself being energy' as opposed to Dark Energy ... and that this possiblity does not conflict with particle research currently going on. Always nice to have some support for my theories ....


Stupidly, in the middle of this, I cleared my browsing history, and now I can't find it. Annoying, as I was going to post an excerpt ... I'll find it again, I'm sure.


But ( phew! ) it appears I don't have to slit my throat just yet.

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