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Blu Ray or DVD ROM


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I'm having an urge to buy a blu ray drive but prices are still a bit on the high side especially for burners, just wondering if it's wise to wait for the next generation of drives.


I'm still not seeing any softwares or PC games out on blu-ray. And in general use it's still probably not common enough to warrant buying a Blu Ray burner.


But the big advantage would be the ability to watch high definition blu ray movies on my pc.


Anyway what kind of Optical drive are the rest of fallout using? Still with DVD or switched to blu ray?

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There are some games on pc that come on blue-ray. The only real difference is that blue-ray can hold more data than a DVD. I personally have a feeling that blue-ray is not going to last that long. I would not purchase a blue-ray player because I believe in the near future discs are going to become obsolete.

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well, it just needs to come down in price. it can already exceed bluray in both capacity and performance.


but the real way forward is delivery through your internet connection. you can have as many different quality levels as you like, no shipping costs etc etc. its ideal. all we need is for the movie companies to stop acting like little girls and embrace it rather than fear it.

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As someone working on over-the-top video distribution, I can tell you it's not quite there yet, at least for on demand streaming 1080p content.


For example, Netflix has only recently begun instant streaming of 720p content. If you want 1080p content, Blu-Ray is the only way to get it, at least for now.


Obviously this will change in the near future, but for now, Blu-Ray has a niche.

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