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Bandwidth band bug


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I have a bug or virus on my PC that uses my bandwidth. I downloaded a program (Net Limiter 2) that monitors all network activity on my PC. It shows what program accesses the internet and how much data gets transfered.


This program indicated that in was explorer.exe that was using my broadband so in task manager i just "End Process"ed it and problem solved... Except now i don't have explorer running. So i can't access my programs or files etc. As soon as i "Run" explorer.exe it continues using my broadband.


My anti virus (Avg free) hasn't given any errors or alerts etc however it hasn't been able to update itself either for no apparent reason (it could be related).


Thanx For many help or advice.


P.s Funny thing is that Explorer according to "Net Limiter" is constantly uploading stuff... Could it be a Key logging program or some kind of data "steeling" virus etc ???

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If you go to this website (you need to sign up to do it though- they are very good and I've been a member for 8 months) and click the 'Hijack This and Spyware Removal' forum a competent person will analyze your Hijack This log and help you get rid of it if you have a problem.



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