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2 Hot 4 Mt Isa


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Mt. Isa, a large mining town in North Western Queensland has a problem, women. There aren't any.:D


There are 5 blokes for every girl. This means that a local boys chances of getting lucky on a Saturday night are slim to none. Things are so bad that the local bordello has had to put in an express "5 minutes or less" Drive Thru lane.


Back in August the Mayor of Mt Isa put out a call for "beauty disadvantaged" women to come to his town, guaranteeing that "They would wear a grin".


Needless to say, this got some people quite upset.


Newly formed Brisbane group "The Brisbane Hotties" have released a response to Mayor John Moloneys appeal.



Lyrics include;

We know we're too hot for Mt Isa,

We can pull the fellas anywhere,

Just 'cause we aren't beauty disadvantaged,

Doesn't mean we don't want our share.


It's nice to see the ladies keeping Larrikinism alive. Proceeds from their T-shirt etc sales go to charity.


While Aussie humour doesn't appeal to all, I thought this good enough to share.:D

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