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Can Working Wings Be Grafted on a Human? [Answered: NO]

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Why would you use wings when you can develop some nice pieces of technology to make you fly. I think that having wings would be nice but, it would take a long time to get accostumed to them and there are some other factors that make it almost impossible. Tech is better :D

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Wings on a human?   i was thinking, we could graft wings on a human with enough commitment and research... i have accounted for all the weight loss needed, lung and muscle expansions(including the h

Impossible. So many changes would be necessary that it'd honestly just be easier to genetically engineer a huge bird and transplant a human brain into it. Birds have modified literally every aspect

yes i know, i accounted for the weight when i said muscle reconstruction. flight has been limited to anything 20kg or under so we would need to modify most aspects of a human, but still easier as it w

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