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physical v.s. chemical changes help pls

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1. when placed in H2O, a sodium pellet catches on fire as hydrogen gas is liberated and sodium hydroxide forms.

i put chemical change


2. evaporation

i put physical change


3.pancakes cooking on a griddle

i put physical change


4. A tire is inflated with air

i put physical


5. luster

i put chemical property


6. odor

i put physical property


please help :confused:

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3 5 and 6 are wrong.


the process of cooking anything causes a lot of complex chemical reactions to occur. most aren't noticable and merely result in a slight augmentation of the flavour, the most obvious reaction in pancakes is that they become solid. this is due to proteins breaking down and sticking to each other.


luster is a physical property its to do with the physical characteristics of the electron shells in the atoms.


odour is the detection of chemicals in the nose. this is achieved by a reaction and is hence a chemical property rather than a physical one.

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