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"Organic Chemistry I" Final exam!


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Today in the morning a friend of mine showed me his final exam in "Organic Chemistry I". He was disappointed because he had worked hard and didn't get the mark he wanted. The link of his final exam : http://multivinum.googlepages.com/home. I saw it and I think also it has few questions , it more hard than it should be, and it doesn't cover most concepts of Organic I (from easy to difficult : it seems to be mostly difficult, and many topics of "Organic I" are not covered). Can anyone pass it? (this kind of final exam). I remember a final exam of a professur from Denver, and it was for all kinds of students (and a lot of questions also). I would appreciate also an answer from an organic chemistry Professur, or from a graduate in Organic Chemistry.

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Doesn't seem too different than the work I've had to do, though, I think you're right in the lack of easy questions and basic reaction mechanisms you'd normally see in Orgo 1 (SN1, E2, etc) Also, we were allowed to bring a help card to our exams, so obviously that helped immensely.

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I agree, as long as you know the naming system that you learned in your country of origin, then the exam is not too difficult. I remember when I took Orgo Chem 1 (and 2), there were several retrosynthesis and mechanism type problems.

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