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  1. hi`s... hellos... here the Philippines is lacking of chemical engineer so i decided to take up this course for a change and also to pursue my interest in chemistry.. heres the issue the president of PIChE (Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers) complained about unemployed Chem. Engrs., because some companies employ a mechanical engineer and a chemist to assist for a project.... QUESTION: could these 2 do the task together efficiently?
  2. in our chem experiment we combined sulfur and iron in a test tube... it stained and we were suppose to replace the test tube... what chemical would take away this stain?
  3. Theobromine means.... Theo(God) + Bromine.... hahahahahaha!
  4. i love organic chem... i`m still in general chem... hehehehehe!
  5. Hi! i`m Cedie from the Philippines 15 yrs. old i`m taking up Chemical Engineering... here.. Is it possible for me to take up Master`s degree in Chemistry after finishing my course ChemE? or i can only proceed to M.S. Chemical Eng.
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