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naming these compounds

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Dont have a clue about the first one, Ive never dealt with more than one phenyl..


The second one is an alcohol, so draw the structure out fully, and find the longest carbon chain. Then follow the nomenclature rules! Post your try, and ill check.


Nomenclature can be tricky if you cant think in 3d!


Ill leave it to someone else to give the homework lecture..

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The first compound is 2-phenyl-1-(1,2-diphenylethylidene)hydrazine. The second is 3-ethylheptan-4-ol.


please, do not just give out answers to something that is obviously homework. point them in the right direction, maybe use a similar example but don't just tell them the answe flat out as they won't learn anything.

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thread moved to homework help.


Please do not post in the general forum when you are seeking help with homework.


Please also do not give out answers to questions like these, especially when the orginal poster writes "please can you help me with". This phrase implies the poster wants assistance in understanding the concept, not just answers.


Unfortunately, nomenclature is a fairly difficult subject to summarize, since there are so many functional groups and rules for the process, BUT it IS all written down by IUPAC.


The first one is a real toughie, since it involves a fairly uncommon functional group, the substituted hydrazine. Once you've recognised the hydrazine you can write down the two substituents in alphabetical order, followed by the word "hydrazine". i think TJames got it right.


The second one is much easier, since it is a common functional group with only one attachment point. All we have to do is find the longest possible parent chain, in this case there are two, both with seven carbons, so we know it is a type of heptane. Then we look to see the other substituents, which are ethanyl and the alcohol group. The chain containing the alcohol group will be a heptanol chain so all we have to do is put in the ethyl group, giving them both numbers. The rule is we put the numbering system in such a way as to make sure the numbers are as low as possible, so instead of 5-ethyl-heptan-4-ol, it's written 3-ethyl-heptan-4-ol.


THIS site has the IUPAC nomenclature rules on it


THIS site, from wikipedia, is a bit simpler to understand and is where i tend to go if i have problems.


There are computer programs which can do the naming process too, but they're a bit unreliable and usually fairly expensive.

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