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Separate NaClo3 from NaCL by melting


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i was wondering if there was a way to seporate sodium chlorate i made from the leftover salt by the big melting point difference in the two substances:rolleyes:


concidering that;


1) would the chlorate decompose

2) how would i filter the solid out

3) is there a way to stop the chlorate from decomposing


Any idea ?????

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you`ll need to wash it a few times and put it in the fridge to get the best yield, but it`s Quite doable, and is even good for Pyro grade KClO3! so there has to be little to no sodium contamination.

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I think that the luminous carbon would wash out any other color. There are many dedicated color compositions, most using a metal powder and a metal nitrate for color, like strontium nitrate and aluminum powder.


Maybe you could color chlorate/sugar mix with a salt?

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