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Help with naming a molecule


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Never been good at this IUPAC naming business... I have a molecule which is a pyrrole ring with a linear alkyl chain attached to the nitrogen, containing 7 carbons with the last 2 sharing a double bond

Best guess I've got is 1-(6-heptenyl)pyrrole... sound right?

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I think the parent hydrocarbon is actually the chain so something like.

1-pyrryl hept-6-ene? I think this is due to the fact that the ring only contains 4 carbons. I have very little confidence in my answer so best see what others have to say.


After consulting with someone much smarter than I, the name is


N-(6-heptenyl) pyrrole.

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So I wasn't far off =) The 1- and N- notations for attachment at the pyrrole nitrogen seem quite interchangable in the literature but if N- is what the rules say then that's what I'll use =)


Thanks for your help!

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