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I am a student of 11th standard, in India, and am really worried about my future.


You might know that in India Indian Institute of Technology(IITs) are the most sought after, but I want to pursue my undergraduate studies in US Universities.


I want to study Aeronautical Engineering, during undergraduation as well as graduation(i.e. Masters).


After a bit survey I found that the best institutes in US for the area above are- California Institute of Tech., Massachussetes Inst. Tech. and Stanford.


Can Anyone Please Tell Me-


1. What are the SAT scores required for Getting in CalTech, MIT, and Stanford(for Aeronautical Engineering ofcourse!)


2. What are essentials in 10th, 11th and 12th Standard Transcripts?


Please Help! It's urgent, and needy!



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first of all relax... nobody gets stuff like this done by panicking. There are plenty of students going through the same thing you are. Just go through the motions of picking universities carefully and methodically, and you'll be alright. It's good that you're thinking ahead about this, but take your time and don't overlook things because this is a very important decision to make.

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also one thing that a number of students in foreign countries miss is that in America there are several dozen schools that would be considered top notch, with the "best" depending greatly on the person and on what major they are looking for.


For instance in the technical fields several schools come to mind


princeton, MIT, georgia tech, UVA, uchicago, caltech,UCSB,UCLA,UC stanford, RIT,U wisconson, Rutgers, U Minnesota, Brandeis, Northeastern, BU, Carnegie Melon...



although caltech only has about 800 students and tends to specialize in the sciences rather than in engineering. Also yale and Harvard are very good but I don't know about there engineering programs (however they are considered among THE BEST schools in the US)

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