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For all of you who love getting into debates and I know lots of you do. I found a site that works hand in hand with this one. I found that topics like Farsight's Time explained and such sparked some debates and I saw some great debaters. I don't mean to sound like a spammer or to detract value from this awesome source for knowledge I just thought if you wanted to get into a heated debate without having to wait days for a reply you guys could check out


http://www.duelcup.com It is a new site and relatively small so you guys with superior linguistic skills please don't take advantage. (but that is half the fun)


If this is spam or misconduct please delete as seen fit.

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I haven't seen any of you there, Or have I...

anyway it is rather addicting and the site needs more people to debate. I would love to debate some of you guys please just give it a one time whirl and at least post here what you think. The good, bad and the ugly.

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