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p2p programs wont connect an its not my firewall dammit


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He, sorry :embarass:


an is there a way for me to see what hte ISP has blacklisted? or not easily... thanks you.


are you on a uni network? they often disable p2page.


try port-scanning your pc to see what incomming ports (if any) are blocke by your ISP (youll have to kill all firewalls first).


Also, for diagnostic reasons, it might be an idea to turn any software firewalls off, piddle about with your router settings to either put your pc outside the netword or turn the router firewall off, and then see if it works.


Note that im not suggesting completely disabling firewalls as a way of getting p2p's to work... but, if they do work, at least we've pinned the problem down a bit.

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Yep, do what dak said.


Port scan to see if there are any blacklisted ports and disable firewalls (incl. router firewall) just to see if it is them causing the problem.


Although seeing as you said 1 in 4 times you connect and 1/8 you can download if one of the above is the case then it must be a faulty system, if a firewall is blocking you or a port blacklisted you should never be able to access it!


And I've already said try changing the incoming port. In Limewire:




Advanced (click the +)

Firewall Config

Here you've got the "Listen port:" box as well as the Router Configuration part, you probably want "Use UPnP" selected.

You can now change the "Listen port" to something different, something which might not be blocked. Try using port 56144. BitTorrent recommends a port from the 49152 - 65534 range.


Also remember to forward the ports to yourself, that is the new port you are changing to.

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