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Is it legal ( in soccer )


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Taking the world cup, soccer has been on my mind for some time.

I was thinking of a formation which is rather unusual but I can't figure out if it is legal in soccer terms or not.

Well my first formation was a Circle. This way the ball stays inside the circle, the opposing team cant get it unless they foul one of the players ( taking that the circle is tight enough.) But my brother suggested that if they pass it to each other behind a defender it would be offside.

So i came up with a better plan. umm.. 1 player in center, 3 players on one side, 4 players on second side.. joining those sides, 1 player at both ends.

looks like..


/ . \



Something like that but more enclosed. The dot in the middle is the player with the ball. if they can be trained to run at a constant speed... then hte player can run with the ball without passing it, thus there is no chance of offside.

I want to know if there is any other kinda illegal act committed.


OH and BTW is there anyway i can contact FIFA about this and ask them.. not sure if thy will respond but still.

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offsides isnt just for passes, its anytime that player is in the path of the ball, im not sure how it would apply in that situation.


aside from that, im pretty sure any action you take that is directed at moving a player instead of the ball is illegal, and that includes blocking. so if you are doing something where its clear that your not going for the ball, but you are interfering with a player thats a foul. you can block people, but you have to do it in a way that involves the ball, like having it in your possession and standing between it and the player is ok. getting in front of the other team and spreading your arms out to the side to give your teammate time to kick it is not.

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