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NY school searches


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Did you guys hear about the New York school searches.

Well the letter they gave us said that they were going to randomly pick a day and search the student for weapons, cell phones, MP3 players etc. And they are going to use the flight metal detectors.

Here is a link to a copy of the NY times article. .




I personally believe that this is total waste of time and money. I mean my keys will probably set the alarm off and so will my belt buckle. the circular said that i should take of such metallic objects and put them in my book bag.

1) my bookbag isnt big enough

2) my pants will fall off. What about pens and zips etc. What about those chains that you wear on your pants?

And are they really going to confiscate 4000 cell phone.. Ipods etc?

What do you think abt this?

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I think that, especially in NEw York, there is a dramatic increase in Gang activity and violence (even in schools in the suburbs). Something has to be done to stop this, and nobody knows how to handle the very serious problem. There using ineffective solutions because they don't know what else to do.

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