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Just a small question....


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Does anyone know what pressure Hydrogen has to be at to be able to conduct Electricity?






Edit: I am under the impression it is and incredibly high amount of pressure, close to the pressure of jupiters core. but was wondering if anyone had a rough estimate and a Number.

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Here's a site that may interest you:


Theory predicted that metallization would occur when the insulating molecular solid would transform to a metallic monatomic solid at absolute zero--0 degrees kelvin (K) or -460°F. For early metallic hydrogen theorists' date=' "sufficient pressure" was thought to be 0.2 megabars (1 bar is atmospheric pressure at sea level; a megabar, or Mbar, is a million times atmospheric pressure at sea level). Subsequent predictions pushed metallization pressure to as high as 20 Mbar. At the time our experiments were conducted, the prevailing theory predicted 3 Mbar for solid hydrogen at 0 K.[/quote']
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Hydrogen, and any gas for that matter, will conduct electricity if at a VERY low pressure. Neon lights and gas discharge tubes all conduct electricity. If they didn't, we wouldn't be able to see the gas. :D

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