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  1. If you can get ahold of reagent grade acetone, I believe in most cases it would be a better solvent than Ethanol. I've also heard of food grade, but havn't seen it myself. If these "essenses" were to be consumed, it would be a great idea to make positivly sure all Acetone has evaporated, although I don't think acetone is all that toxic as it is made in the body. Still, be careful. Depending on the boiling/decomposition point of your extract, you could heat on the lowest temperature of your oven. Just make sure you can't even smell acetone when you do this.
  2. for the record, I was also sent this e-mail. What a scam.
  3. well it's now been 8 weeks since they said they'd ship it to me. So was this an empty promise? Is that even legal (or smart) for Microsoft to do?
  4. xeluc


    he never said the school gave them to him, he said he GOT them.....
  5. xeluc


    ha, I like the myth busters theme RyanJ... Anyhow, I kinda hope there isn't a 13 year old putting exploisives in PVC piping and blowing up bricks "leaving not much"..... Someone with that bad of grammer shouldn't be messing with explosives. And yes, I agree that if you can blow up an open topped metal container, you would be getting reconstructive surgery, not asking about it. Personally, I'd be pretty scared of my idiocy...
  6. could you maybe explain this to me? sorry if it is simple, but i dont understand what you are saying.
  7. sry to resurrect his board, but i have a question relating to the OP. I signed up for microsoft office live and have my domain and stuff, but they use these stupid templates on all their sites you make. I just want to code HTML... is it not possible to do this? theres no easy way to do this that i have found.
  8. erased after understanding i was wrong. Sorry for coming off as an ass.
  9. Citric Acid: ORL-RAT LD50 11700 mg kg-1 From a trusty msds Of course there are other compounds,, like Vitamin C.. But you can handle a lot of that...
  10. Here is something you may find interesting.
  11. Like I didn't think of baking soda.. Vinegar + baking soda will make pure CO2 as long as theres no gas in the reaction vessle before hand
  12. Oxygen and Hydrogen can be produced be conducting electrolysis of water with Iron (worked well enough for me) electrodes and a dilute sodium hydroxide electrolyte. You make carbon dioxide when you exhale.... Also, just putting a flame inside an upside down flask can create carbon dioxide.
  13. *devious laugh* Oh boy this will be fun. See, part of me says: How on earth could someone fall for something like this? Then the other part of me replies: Dude, look at the people around you and ask yourself that again... I think it's sad. So sad in fact that I'm going to go out of my way to make some Nigerian VERY angry. I mean the laugh factor is decent too..
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