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got a mpeg, cant play it


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hey guys, we made a home video a while ago maybe 4 years ago, and it was before we had windows xp i remember that. anyway, made on windows 98 and we transferred it to the computer and did some stuff on a program and now it is a mpeg file.


it is 360mb and we have not been able to watch it at all since we made it.


Are there any hints to give, i've tried playing in winamp and windows media player but w.m.p just says "connecting.." at the bottom and freezes and winamp just freezes and i have to end program. Thanks everyone.

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if im not mistaken, whenever i get a connecting message, its usuallt because im trying to access some online material. but since your file is in excess of 300mb, its obvious that the content is on your pc. could you have used some sort of online service that would require you to connect to a server in order to view the file?


also try divx player. try opening with windows movie maker as well. what i always do whenever i cant open a video file when there's obviously data there, is open it with some sort of video editor. theyre meant to open a few different types of files.

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