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look at this!


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err, what?


You have a newish wireless optical mouse... so what?!?


I've actually got the degrade to your mouse, I personally prefer it in every way other than the fact it runs off batteries, ie. it doesn't have the charger thingy that yours comes with.

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Can you name a single way in which the new version is better?



1) Exclude charger, we've already both accounted for that

2) You're personal opinion on something (ie. you prefer the colour) doesn't really count as "better" because it's an opinion and it doesn't make the product itself better than the other.


If you really do want to go to opinions... then I prefer the colour, the number of buttons, the function of buttons, the layout of buttons etc. etc. on the older version.

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And I like the old one... what can ya do!??


They actually seemed to bring the new one out quite soon after the old one. The old one never really sold much because it wasn't on the market long before the update came out.


I admit the charger is useful, but I prefer the simple-yet-adequate old mouse. It's got the left/right/wheel/thumb button which is quite enough. The newer one has so many buttons and the many users don't use any of them, whereas the majority of users who have a standard (left/right/wheel) mouse with just a single thumb button will use it.


If you look at it this way: The average computer user is not so "computer literate" so when the average user is given a mouse with many buttons they'll just ignore all the complicated buttons. Whereas given one button more than usual they might be adventurous and experiment with it.

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