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Bloodlettings are the panacea.

Guille Yacante

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House of cards going down.

Don't do it again, please.

"It was your fault, and mine".

If this time we take care of not making the same mistakes, a different world would be possible.

Don't throw away any anger to others, introspect, see what has to change first, and then you will be able to see clearly for others, with empathy, or raw justice, as it be necessary.

This is my last post, I am retiring from this forum, and I invite you to understand what this means.

It has never been about pushing more pills, but about not putting poisons in, or detoxing them.

Bloodlettings can heal "autism", "schizophrenia", and pretty much any kind of mafia language diagnosis.

Please, take precautions.

Don't cut yourselves.

When a poisoned person bleeds, usually faints. This has always been due to the sudden change in chemistry, and never due to a supposed "low blood sugar."

So phlebotomies or bloodlettings are to be done properly by another person, known in the matter, taking appropriate antiseptic measures, and that be understanding that blood is to be extracted slowly, giving time to the body to replenish any red blood cells that be lost in the process. For example, there is a general rule of thumb of a maximum of 500ml of blood extracted every 2 or 3 months, for an average adult.

Anemia can be as dangerous as being poisoned.

So regarding hemodialysis, what I came speaking about in other threads, it could do the work too, supposedly much quicker, because of directly filtering the blood without losing red blood cells. It would demand some sessions, of course.

But the "dangerous" part of it would be the process of connecting the body to the dialysis machine, involving some risk of infections. Though anything related to this practice is already in the hands of those in charge of it. I have already done my part.

So this is my farewell, it has been a pleasure, and I am very thankful to the space it was given me.

Remember my name, I think you will.

Guillermo Yacante Afonso, The Archduke.

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