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  1. House of cards going down. Don't do it again, please. "It was your fault, and mine". If this time we take care of not making the same mistakes, a different world would be possible. Don't throw away any anger to others, introspect, see what has to change first, and then you will be able to see clearly for others, with empathy, or raw justice, as it be necessary. This is my last post, I am retiring from this forum, and I invite you to understand what this means. It has never been about pushing more pills, but about not putting poisons in, or detoxing them. Bloodlettings can heal "autism", "schizophrenia", and pretty much any kind of mafia language diagnosis. Please, take precautions. Don't cut yourselves. When a poisoned person bleeds, usually faints. This has always been due to the sudden change in chemistry, and never due to a supposed "low blood sugar." So phlebotomies or bloodlettings are to be done properly by another person, known in the matter, taking appropriate antiseptic measures, and that be understanding that blood is to be extracted slowly, giving time to the body to replenish any red blood cells that be lost in the process. For example, there is a general rule of thumb of a maximum of 500ml of blood extracted every 2 or 3 months, for an average adult. Anemia can be as dangerous as being poisoned. So regarding hemodialysis, what I came speaking about in other threads, it could do the work too, supposedly much quicker, because of directly filtering the blood without losing red blood cells. It would demand some sessions, of course. But the "dangerous" part of it would be the process of connecting the body to the dialysis machine, involving some risk of infections. Though anything related to this practice is already in the hands of those in charge of it. I have already done my part. So this is my farewell, it has been a pleasure, and I am very thankful to the space it was given me. Remember my name, I think you will. Guillermo Yacante Afonso, The Archduke.
  2. What is the purpose of science? What does the word mean? Knowledge. But let it be more like wisdom: knowledge applied. And that it be applied for the common good. We will see multiple branches of science will be needed to be connected so for us to get somewhere. This is a thread that is intended to give place to sound discussion, but to immediately awaken the people with potential, because understanding is only given to some, and those in some moment should stop the having nonsense discussions with those that can't understand, stop waiting for approval or consensus from the rest, and get to it. This is a thread that will touch some delicate topics, but doing it responsibly, and above all, providing solutions. Solutions are confirmed when one carries them. That is a call to action. Reality and a little bit of thinking will show us pretty much the picture I'll share you my personal experience. I am a scientist. Life made a scientist. When I had some health problems, I was already enlightened enough so to understand "I shouldn't go doctors." So what I did was to study by my own. But for the first years I did it just like them, using the same blinkers. I wasted a lot of time thinking according to the "neurotransmitter-ligand model", and I didn't see the complete picture or kept things simple. So just because of missing solutions, I kept studying. And why is it that I understood that I shouldn't go doctors? For the same reason that you should. They prove to not know much. Society is the result. So reality and a little bit of thinking set us in the right direction. One must study on his own. Science is multidisciplinary, and should be, to get us somewhere Imagine a man has discovered the panacea, yes, it's a way of saying it, but it would be the most alike: hemodialysis. The question would be: "Really? It has been all the time sitting around and doctors have been missing on it?" Yes, could be. When doctors are masturbating, watching pornography, thinking all the time about where is it they are going on vacation next week, getting paid when not solving anything, and seeing all the rest doing the same, these things could happen. It's social engineering. Maybe we could have some skinny cowards for doctors, in which those that do not be, would simply be women, that are not brought forth to carry the job of real men. So even if hemodialysis would be the panacea, how could it reach the people? When it has been dissuaded, hidden, entangled in bureaucracy, and those interested could see the shadows of mafia dogs when getting close. I came explaining in another thread how is it that "autism" is a symptom of poisoning, caused mainly by organochlorines of the DDT-type, and they would be detoxed by hemodialysis preferentially, or, on its absence, by proper bloodlettings. Now, how many actually have carried this instruction? It's not such a big deal. Remember hemodialysis is not about the kidneys, but about cleaning the blood. So first thing we should see is, it has been dissuaded. And if we really mean business, we would see lots of times the nephrologist would be inviting us to flee. That's how these things happen. For cowards, for evil-blind people. Can't you see a society filled with damaged people is a loss, something dangerous? We have been slow-cooked for ages. Then, out of nowhere, those that have done this close on us their plan, and now we want soldiers! Now we want real men! Ah! But those that should that been taking care of them have come looking the other way, now money is good for nothing. Remember we are not to expect approval or get consensus. Majorities have been bred to be useless. So, let's say a person manages to get an autistic healed, the blindfolds fall from her eyes. How would the message get to the masses? Mainstream media is taken by those that have done this. Understand? Now we will see who is truly a scientist. Get all the things put together. Be a scientist: stop jerking off, practice semen retention if you are smart, understand gender roles, and submit to the laws of nature if you want to do well in life. Science pays well. True science brings results. Have that for a testimony. Guillermo Yacante Afonso.
  3. From the French Revolution onwards we have come being slow-cooked as a society. The French Revolution? Hasn't that been a good thing? Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? Demagogy. It has always been about getting people to the extremes. Make them hate some abusive kings or rulers, and give them the opposite, useless puppets working for the hidden monarchs. It's a loss, isn't it? Majorly when there isn't anything with what to compare. Massive column of a system of mass manipulation. And the use of good words to hide evil concepts have drifted away the naïve. Maybe to get them realizing when they are so corrupted that they don't care much. Big problem. That's society today. People never knew more, and did less. In terms of "conspiracy theories". But the knowledge people lack these days is how to stop being perverse, how to have health, and how to put each one's life in order. This social engineering has confused the people, has got each generation brought forth into a tighter thought corral, and when it's time to react, because in 2024 it's time to react, one can see that is pretty much difficult to find allies. This is good against evil. Not red against blue, or my "clan" against yours. Social engineering, of the perverse, has bred perverse. And once some people get corrupted, they have no way back. And all of this has happened because of the pushing of every kind of immorality, disarming from moral authority the people, so making it impossible to bring order, but one having only to look the other way. We are bringing an end to that. Let us find ourselves some allies. Wouldn't this forum be a fit place for that? I think so. Thank you so much for the space. Guillermo Yacante Afonso. Modern Procer Project.
  4. There are some poisons called organochlorines. Some are quite known, they have some history, like DDT. What they do is mainly to keep the sodium channels of the cells constantly open. And what would this do? Well, it's all a matter of dosis. And we are talking human beings here. Because these poisons are not "pesticides", but biological weapons. That's what they have been used for, still after their "ban". What this would produce would be a state of neurotoxicity, specifically by hyper-stimulation of the cell, causing a set of symptoms that could be named in mafia-style as "autism". Has been happening. And what if these poisons be having extremely long half-lives, like of years if they weren't detoxed? If even people were hicks, or perverse, or minding everyday constant distractions with their screens, maybe EVEN IN THE 21st CENTURY, people could have organochlorine poisoning for some "genetic condition". What a waking up could bring such disaster. And it goes beyond autism. It always depended the diagnostic on how the person was behaving. Is the person a good juggler? Maybe she behaves. Maybe she is not so poisoned, just a little. Then, in place of "schizophrenia", maybe just "Asperger's". Yes, something like autism but with less organochlorines. And these poisons can give place to a 24 hour-long MK-Ultra. That's why "autistics" isolate themselves. Sodium channels open? Then anything triggering some stimulation would zap the neurons. How would we solve the problem? Firstly, are you interested? Autistics are. And their family members would be too. We have to make ourselves responsible as a society. The solution is hemodialysis. The hidden panacea. It makes so much sense as anything cleaning the blood, solving lots of problems. Following the same logic, that's the same reason why phlebotomies or bloodlettings were "forgotten" in the 20th century. So expect to see that many people are going to have to be quick in lending some help. This will not be able to be hidden anymore. My project is all about reaching out with empathy, but not suffering people not repenting of their evil, when they knew what they were doing. And following the same logic: Organophosphates ---> "Hmm... maybe panic attack". Random metals in the GI? ---> "Manic crisis" (give them ANTIDOPAMINERGICS!). Depression? ---> Don't talk about the dangers of pornography, the elephants in the room, GIVE DRUGS! (Serotonergics, absolutely 180° the other way). We are bringing solutions, right? At least I am. Guillermo Yacante Afonso. Please, print the post. And share. We are bringing the good news.
  5. Not anyone can be a scientist. This is only for noble people. Because in the way of knowledge there are usually lots of times in which one has to recognize he was wrong. Do we agree? I'll tell you about my case. I am 27 years old, I only finished high school, but I have found the cure of autism and a lot of chronic illnesses. It has always been hidden in plain sight. Not anyone can be a scientist because intelligence is not innate to everyone. And now we will wake up to having trusted in white smocks, and in people for their diplomas, for their having been able to repeat well. And just as intelligence is not innate to everyone so isn't nobility or a good heart. This way, there are lots of times in which there are perverse people, intelligent by the way, in places of influence. And these would own big sums of money, would work together, and shape us a system of mental conditioning in which we may think ourselves doing some big job, when it's only part of the biggest lie ever created. And when any of you be able to realize, which will be your reaction? Are you going to keep spinning on your hamster wheel? Or help us bring a better world? Solutions empower the people. Taking away the pacifier may upset some, but when solutions are put at hand, there is not much place for being a pain. We are learning the lesson worldwide. Guillermo Yacante Afonso. Search my name. Thank you.
  6. Pretty much all of us are "in on it". It has been an induction to error. I am deploying a worldwide project. You can search my name. It's all free, and it can be read in less than two hours. Solutions make the difference. They are all there.
  7. In any moment, is just a matter of time. Many of you come to this forum because you are researchers, maybe actually working on science fields. But the thing is, our thinking has been conditioned systematically from the beginning. We have been raised in captivity. And now, it comes the waking up, and the reaping the consequences. What I am calling for is a controlled demolition of the Matrix, to prevent the damage and chaos it was intended to be brought. How many "psychiatrists" actually heal their patients? Pretty much no one. Because they get paid for playing ball. And how many psychologists the same? They are useless, they are an invention of the 19th century. And the lack of work done left a lot of people disabled, entangled with a lot of vices, that even lots of you are suffering from. And then, is a "scientist" fit enough a person to care for the common good, to put his life at risk for helping others, when he is a jerk, or a fornicator, or a person that thinks that "there are too many people in this world"? The waking up is not only going to tell people what has been happening, but also to empower them. Remember my name, Guillermo Yacante Afonso.
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