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12 h Tides (inertia)


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It’( i)s (perhaps) easiest
 to say (ruffly=approximately),
 although the Earth rotates Eastwards,
 (but) it (=the Earth) travels:
 ((in a) net) west(ward direction)
 around the sun,
 e.g. (at) noon (slightly_)slower (e.g. slowest)
 & (at) midnight (slightly_)faster (e.g. fastest);
 & (=but) ruffly at the (same) net_speed
 at (both) 06:00 (sunrise_equinox, south)
 & 18:00 (sundown_equinox, north).

Earth’s matter (mass) moves
 at many different speeds
 (& directions)
 wrt to its center.

It'( i)s very dynamic.


NOT all of Earth's matter
 moves at the same speed,
 NOR in the same direction.

Newton made the best 3 motion laws=observations;
 but he did NOT always use them.
 (..when he should (have ((also) used them, too))).


The (Earth’s rotational) water’s inertia
 is missing
 in (most) Physics explanations!

You can NOT stop the (automatic) laws of inertia
 from happening;
 they are expected.

Something (inertial) must be happening
 to the oceans(‘s waters)
 because of the Earth’s rotation(al) inertia (=average_momentum)

The direction of motion
 into the opposite direction, (=180°)
 (ruffly) every ~12 hours,
 e.g. ½ a sidereal day
 (is) 11 h 28 m 2 s;
 which works out
 to slowing
 & speeding (up)
 of the (net west)
 around the sun.

Parts of the Earth are moving faster
 around the sun,
 while other( part)s are moving slower.

E.g. It (rotational inertia) is happening
 (to water),
 (& so) it exists (as the tides);
 but (it is ridiculous, that)
 NOBODY mentions it
 as though it does NOT exist.

Is it possible
 that instead, they (people)
 (ignore Newton’s laws,
 & their (laws) affects
 & implications; & (those people))
 prefer to 1st discuss
 their hocus pocus (NONSENSE, about the)
 “pull of the moon” (& (imaginary))
 “action at a distance”
 (for what reason I do NOT really know)?

The Earth’s rotational_inertia
 also affects
 the (Earth’s) tectonic plates.

The(ir) friction which causes heat
 & thus volcanic activity (melted stone, lava)
 & Earthquakes (irregular movement,
 caused by its (=stone's, =mother Earth's)
 irregular braking (deceleration)).


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47 minutes ago, Capiert said:

their hocus pocus (NONSENSE, about the)
 “pull of the moon” (& (imaginary))
 “action at a distance”

If the moon does not exert a force on the earth, why does the moon orbit the earth? (consider Newton’s third law)

In any event, tides present no conflict with Newton’s laws, and nothing is being ignored.

The issue is your lack of understanding of physics, which is not going to be fixed by looking at this exercise; there are too many issues to address. (coordinate systems, linear vs rotational physics, action-reaction)

Basically, if you think that physics is wrong, it’s invariably your understanding of physics that’s wrong or missing.

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And considering that the magnitude of High-Low tide cycle coincides with the phases of the Moon, as does the varying time period between successive low and high tides (which can vary a fair amount to either side of 12hrs), It seems a bit silly to brush away the influence the Moon has on the tidal cycle.

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