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Can I conclude the mode of action of an antimicrobial compounds in the results?


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I am writing my thesis/dissertation. It dealt with the antimicrobial activity of novel compounds. Next to determining the MIC, I also subcultured the organisms to conclude about the mode of action.

I determined the MBCs for every compound and also calculated the MBC/MIC ratio. This ratio tells me more about the potential mode of action (static or cidal). For instance, smaller than 4 would be bactericidal. I don't know how to deal with these results. Can I already assign the mode of action after naming the results, or should this be part of the discussion?

I had the same question about my synergy experiment. I tested two compounds together and calculated the fractional inhibitory index. I concluded that no interaction was observed in my results. Is this correct?

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  1. MBC/MIC Ratios: You can mention the MBC/MIC ratios in the results section but avoid definitively assigning the mode of action there. Discuss the mode of action implications in the discussion section.

  2. Synergy Experiment (Fractional Inhibitory Index): Yes, it's correct to state in the results section that no interaction was observed. Provide details and discuss the implications in the discussion section.

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