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The loop

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I've prepared a simple toy:


It consists of a pencil and a string that goes through a hole in the pencil and makes a loop. The ends of the string are glued together. 

The loop is shorter than the long end of the pencil:


so, it can't be moved over it.

Then, I insert the pencil through the buttonhole like this:


This is how it looks from the other side:


I can separate them again and repeat without cutting, breaking, untying, etc.

Can you figure it out?

I can take more pictures, from different angles, if you need. There are no hidden cuts or anything like it. You can make it yourself.



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When you pulled to the left, you essentially made a knot.  To untie, you don't stretch the string, but rather stretch the fabric in three-space, as you reverse the original knot.  


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