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How many SLC2A1(GLUT1) genes do we humans have?


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I'm trying to understand my non-epileptic GLUT1 deficiency syndrome on a genetic level because my experiences with it doesn't make sense completely with how it's explained.

I don't need medical advice because the treatment is plainly a ketogenic diet. No drugs.

GLUT1-DS is an autosomal dominant genetic metabolic syndrome. Basically the nervous system and red blood cells can't use carbohydrates effectively as fuel and therefore starve of energy. The movement disorder symptoms which occur after physical activity are basically the same symptoms of when a vehicle is running out of gas. The gas being ketones for someone with GLUT1-DS.

I judge whether I'm producing sufficient fuel(ketones) based on my level of awareness of my environment. More ketones and I can see in 4K+ resolution; less ketones and I see the world in less than 1080p and almost blind if I consume carbohydrates. So... What I've noticed in myself is that if I fast for a little bit over 24 hours and then consume carbohydrates... my awareness increases to 4K+ resolution as if GLUT1 transporter protein on the cells increased to be able to absorb the higher levels of carbohydrates.

Do we humans have two copies of the SLC2A1 gene? One dominant and perhaps one recessive which is activated during fasting?

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