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Solving global warming


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I came up with some bizarre suggestions on the subject of global warming, would like to share them here.

I did some research on this subject and it appears to me the solution to global warming might be a simple equation.

Apparantly Carbon dioxide, a prime global warming institute, when combined with carbonates, (a secondary compound) gives you Bicarbonates (a family friendly, organic, tree hugger of a compound.)

So basically, build factories near the sea, dispose of carbon dioxide into the ocean (where carbonates the compound is found is bushels) and whoosh, the carbon dioxide enters the surface of the sea but gets no further. It does not, as some have suggested, re enter the atmospehere. It meets a tardy bunch of carbonates (which are widely prevalent underwater, as a result of undersea organic reactions in their myriad forms) and carbon dioxide forms bicarbonates overnight as it were.

As stated earlier, these carbonates are harmless non toxic envioronmentally friendly compounds.  

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