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USB-C "PD" (fast charging) worth it for 200mAh battery ?


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If a 200mAh 3.7V battery (0.74Wh) takes 1.5hrs to charge over USB-C, is there any benefit to charging to one the of available higher standards above 3A (USB-C v1.2) i.e. USB PD v3.0 will charge at 20V/100W/5A.

Many thanks.

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At 200 mAh, this is too small for a cell phone battery, and that is the only familiarity I have with USB-C fast charging.
I'm fairly certain that, for cell phones at least, the charging rate is determined by the phone's electronic battery controller, and simply switching to a higher rated charger won't make any difference.
( I think my Samsung gets 50 % chrge in half hour )

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