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hijack from General Relativity: Four Exterior Metric Solutions...


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On 1/30/2022 at 5:51 AM, Orion1 said:

In Einstein's theory of general relativity, the exterior metric or exterior fluid solution, is an exact solution to the Einstein field equations and Einstein-Maxwell equations that describes the gravitational field and the space-time geometry in the exterior of a non-rotating or rotating neutral or charged spherically symmetric body of mass M, which consists of an incompressible fluid and constant density throughout the body and has zero pressure at the surface and that the electric charge and angular momentum of the mass may be zero or non-zero, and the universal cosmological constant is zero. For a non-zero charged mass, the metric takes into account the Einstein-Maxwell field energy of an electromagnetic field within the space-time geometry. The space-time geometry is in Boyer-Lindquist coordinates.

And this Kerr tensor matches with all the other exterior metric tensor elements when (J=0) and or when (m=0)
Table 1. Metric tensor components and symmetry.
Metric tensorMinkowskiSchwarzchildReissner-NordstromEllipsoidKerrKerr (cited)Kerr-Newmantheoremdt21(r2rsrr2)(r2rsr+r2Qr2)(r2+a2r2+a2cos2θ)(r2rsr+a2r2+a2cos2θ)(1rsrr2+a2cos2θ)(r2rsr+a2+r2Qr2+a2cos2θ)identity with applied statedt21(1rsr)(1rsr)(r2+a2r2+a2cos2θ)(r2rsr+a2r2+a2cos2θ)1(r2rsr+a2r2+a2cos2θ)cited statedt21(1rsr)(1rsr)(r2+a2r2+a2cos2θ)(1rsrr2+a2cos2θ)1(r2rsr+a2r2+a2cos2θ)SymmetrySphericalSphericalSphericalEllipsoidEllipsoidIncorrectEllipsoidStatem=0,J=0,Q=0m0,J=0,Q=0m0,J=0,Q=0m=0,J0,Q=0m0,J0,Q=0m=0,J0,Q=0m0,J0,Q=0

The underlined metric tensors highlight the matrix locations of the theoretical discontinuities. ny discussions and/or peer reviews about this specific topic thread?

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I think your asking if there's a electromagnetic field hidden in space time. Which is great, Now clearly your alot smarter that I am, however iv just uploaded a speculation video on this forum on building a universe inside a similar type of field. 

However it's just speculation. But it may interest you.

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