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Garbage Hijack (split from Maybe someone can help me solve this task, I really need help, please reply)


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Guess your Jesus died at 48

On 2/26/2022 at 12:46 PM, tato1982 said:

New construction


It's 4, hang on lemme confirm that

On 2/24/2022 at 7:49 AM, studiot said:

Yes, +1

By direct drawing, (ie construction) I very quickly made the result about 10o last night.

Sadly this is not enough.

As can be seen from my sketch the four angle equations alone are not independent so there are infinitely many solutions, corresponding to the infinite many positions we may place D between S and V.

The problem is, however, solvable using the extra information that ST = DV.

The fact that we do not need to know its actual length shows that we are not in the ambiguous sine rule case and that the problem is solvable without knowing this length.

Genady's constructive solution using isoceles triangles is creative.


First SV is 66 so if STV is 180 then T must be 14. So if 48+14+D=180 then D is 118. So x=48+((18/2)-(118/14))=48.5714285714

y is actually 7 (T/2).


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Wait all that is wrong idk why I said T is 14.

T is 24 b/c 48+T+18 needs to = 90°

SD=180 so D=180-72=108

Makes x=48+((18/2)-(108/24))=52.5

Finally, y=12 b/c (½T)

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