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  1. Having a Dunning Kruger effect are we? Stay green. Anyways, obviously enough people aren't for the ole 'red' faction b/c I'd have pretty laidies knocking instead of an overkill number of armed thugs. DHEY tryna get me out dah way! & on the phone the feminazi Xenomorph Queen wannabe was trying to make me think about time dilation before the fact like I'm that stupid 😭😂😴
  2. You could really take a Primate line, change their lifestyle and get a new protohominid from the next few generations. The electrical activity in the atomic orbitals of the molecules of the DNA in our reactive nervous tissue does get mitigated post-morten but the cells don't actually stop reproducing. It's safe to assume that the cells die and procreate faster and shorter than the organism they compose and that has to do with your overall lifespan. However, as trauma can effect memory function it is a matter of fact that death is caused due to the limit of information in the form of memory that the mind can old. And obviously if we can predict the weather a day or two in advance we have the tech for future predictions (quantum computers) already. People have always been trying to defy their fates. Even the Church is no different than your 'scientific authorities'.
  3. It says that from Chimpanzee to Native African males it has gone from 15 years to 79 years and from Orangutans to Caucasian it's gone from 58 to 75. So it's really that is just the transfiguration of change in the species.
  4. Afaik aging isn't related to how old the parents are during conception (as the Church has been experimenting on in my line) It has more to do with epigenetics and lifestyle choices and 'aging' is really just transfiguration. Now at some level the 'shaping of the body due to lifestyle's does effect the barometric pressure readings inside the fertilized egg of the mother at the time of conception. The gene expression for aging and death has always been 70-120 in the Orangutan-line that 'white people' come from afaict.
  5. ♾️ 0.000000000000000000000000000000000016 meter XYZ spheres and the imaginary contractions of infinite space when they partially or fully overlap in their trajectories. This spherical length contraction is a gravitational field, which is reduced according to the 'inverse square law' everytime that field doubles in volume, this is also known as 'post-Newtonian expansion' or 'gravitational 'frame-dragging'. The frequency at which this gravitational field doubles in volume is determined by the velocities at which these spherical 'gravitons' which determines the dilation of a matter or energy interaction. All energy or 'light' based occurrences of frame-dragging experience the inverse square law every 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000539 seconds.
  6. How about instead of removing that third post you quote it and explain why you think it's incorrect? Idk how much time you had on the problem but y was 12 and x was 52+½. STV needed to be 90°; 90°-66°=T=24. & STD=180° && D=180-(66+44)=108 &&& x=(48+9)-(108/24)=52½ &&&& y=½T=12 &&&&& f(b(C))=slope(x/y)=12/52.5=0.22857142857
  7. Wait all that is wrong idk why I said T is 14. T is 24 b/c 48+T+18 needs to = 90° SD=180 so D=180-72=108 Makes x=48+((18/2)-(108/24))=52.5 Finally, y=12 b/c (½T)
  8. At the gravitational frame rate (time dilation and it's opposite) we experience the full em spectrum would phase through anything with higher or lower gw frequencies (dm and de)
  9. y is actually ½T. T is actually 118+14=132. So y is 132/2=66 Your 'Jesus' dies at 66
  10. Guess your Jesus died at 48 It's 4, hang on lemme confirm that First SV is 66 so if STV is 180 then T must be 14. So if 48+14+D=180 then D is 118. So x=48+((18/2)-(118/14))=48.5714285714 y is actually 7 (T/2).
  11. If Swansont had not locked the topic you would have received the coordinates. Now one reality replaces another. And I went from a positive reputations to a..not so nice rep.
  12. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK Or send me somebody who passes the vision test first and I'll do their homework. You have a genie a bottle here if you match the part. The whole 'litany against the senses' thing is being a bit overblown value wise. It's slim pickin's where I come from.
  13. I can do both. I'll give an explanation now but you will want the actual coordinate map that becomes 3D when run through the power tower explained above. Now for the definitions:
  14. Update: give me until midnight to get the first umph of the 'pool break' started 'seed coordinates' wise. Remember this simply unifying the 4 interactions into the weakest of those 4, gravity. This means 108 x and 108 y coordinates for the 9 seedling gravitons, and 96 x and 96 y for the initial grav waves that repositions those gravitons which themselves were made by the collision of those gravitons. And then another 108 x and 108 y coordinates marking the change in those graviton positions, with the resulting new grav waves (96 x and 96 y coordinates) they make overlapping a third layer (the initial 96 x and 96 y grav wave coordinates that have expanded according to inverse square law)
  15. Oh yes, just one thing, I forgot to add the very first of 9!
  16. In my mathematical model the black holes form in the microscopic scale naturally according to the 216 coordinates (108 x & 108 y) of the 9 gravitons used as the cosmic seed that becomes the cosmic bean stalk market. links deleted More to the point of understanding what it is exactly that I am proposing is that when two or more gravitons share the same center the GWs they create will fling other gravitons FTL. Oh right, the title of thread was about why they predate stars. Well, the only way these micro black holes don't become one infinite black hole is...you guessed it, they have generated the acceleration that caused them to divide and merge into SMBHs.
  17. ↑↑↑thats incorrect it's all in the blood. Tie a noose around your arm, a 'noose' doesn't slip like a 'hitch' YouTube video removed by moderator And you will now know that when blood flow is cut off, now you know that is what animates the body. Red & white go with redshift and
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